Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Emails I have to send tonight

+Ash just to say hey
+UK USAS abt #BringThemHome rally
+Janet about #BringThemHome rally
+Meg about #BringThemHome rally
+Kate about #BringThemHome rally
+troll facebook pages with #BringThemHome rally
+Greg about PLANS and #BringThemHome rally
+Dan about PLANS
+NCC about convention school follow up
+Zach, Erica, Tim about convention follow up.
+NCC about left unity stuff


+Socialist spam list about left unity stuff
+CCDS member list/portside with Segal article

Sunday, July 21, 2013

To do list

- Get elected to national leadership of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
- Wake up on time
- Write report about intergenerational CCDS Convention School for national leadership
- Present report to national leadership
- Shower
- Brush teeth
- Shave
- Check out of hotel
- Safely deliver 84 year old elderly communist, who once received a medal from the GDR for his efforts organizing an anti-nuclear demonstration in Philadelphia and who is currently trying to explain the rise of Stalin by studying Hegel, to the Westin near the Greyhound station where he hoped to be a copy of the Sunday New York Times
- Buy stamps
- Read Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
- Read essay on a Southern Progressive Strategy by my comrade Janet
- Troll the Herald Leader's website and maybe some other news/commentary sites
- Make to do list
- Email 20,000 people I met this weekend including Beaver County PA comrades RE visiting them, people who gave me their cards, and David Schwartzman
- Facebook Lexington CCDS comrades about PLANS
- Facebook Greg about PLANS
- Check in with UK USAS via email
- Text Ash
- Make contact list for CCDS Convention School alums and share with them.
- Take action on email from Joan
- Email Jeremy Maynard RE KJEANRL
- Stop distracting self with gossipy emails to Bhaskar

Short term:

- Purchase planner, start to become more organized
- Try to see if *** will finalize plans for visiting Pgh
- Mail checks to Jacobin
- Mail Camel coupons to Meg
- Mail paychecks to Traditional Bank
- Make and execute plans to visit Beaver County
- Communicate with CCDS national leadership about YDS and Jacobin left unity things
- .... Laundry ....
- Blog post for KJEANRL
- Begin apt search
- See if Stephan actually wants to live with me
- Figure out my thoughts on national oppression question etc etc
- Satisfying orgasm

Medium term:

- Continue trying to be more organized
- Look for post law school opportunities
- Build tighter CCDS organization in Lexington
- Win Greg to socialism
- Marxism 101 school/group
- Figure out what is future of UK USAS
- Get active in mass work with KFTC in a way that makes sense alongside Janet
- SOA Protest stuff
- Southern Region Left Unity Conference

Long term:

- Get job that teaches me about the real trill shit
- Workers' center in Lexington
- Mass movement
- Be responsible enough to have dog
- Green New Deal
- Revolution
- Develop long term revolution
- Solar Communism

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 me:  I love Miller High Life
but I'm unconvinced it's not pee
  Sam:  i'm glad you've come to terms with the very real possibility that you love drinking pee

Monday, February 25, 2013

email sent to a friend at 1:51am

I know this is a sore subject (maybe less than sore) between us (and I am glad it is now this and not my long dalliance with foolish politics, because this about body art not morality) but I am going to write to you about my tattoo.

It is openly ridiculous.  A seagull that is a pun to my friend's name.  My god.

It is a bird flying majestically.  Let's all have a good laugh at my arm.

Here's what 8 months later I really like about it:  I was admiring myself in the mirror, nude, brushing my hair and I saw my tattoo (and it's always so ridiculous when I see it (which is every day)) when I realized the tattoo and the long hair (and it is official tasteful power metal long) finally almost make me look like I'm not sixteen.  A victory ten years in the making!

Should the other arm be a majestic owl holding the Kentucky state seal in its talons flying through the night over a mountain?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

i know all about that

 me:  if I am going to have to be responsible for conducting this USAS meeting
I am going to at least do so intoxicated
 Morgan:  this chat feels familiar

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tentative To Do List for the week Monday, Sept 9, 2012


Try not to make any emails or text messages I send to women not that embarrassing for anyone involved.
Wake up early enough to enjoy the morning.



Work on stuff for Business Associations outline
Work on Appalachian Citizens' Law Center stuff
Send emails about ACLC fundraiser
Send emails about Ice Cream Socialism
Send emails about USAS
Send emails about Democratic Golf Scramble and Democratic Trivia Night
Send emails about WMMT fundraiser

6 PM:

BYOB United Students Against Sweatshop meeting (!)
Remember to bring Sanjana her umbrella



No Tax Law
Read for Business Associations, Labor Law

1-1:50 PM:

Business Associations


Read for Labor Law, Family Law

5:30-6:40 PM:

Labor Law


Hang out with Amelia who is up from Whitesburg. (Repeat through out week as possible)



Read for Business Associations, Family Law

1-1:50 PM:

Business Associations

3-4:20 PM:

Family Law (Figure out what meeting time is with Professor Graham to talk about group writing assignment)


Strive to be productive till 5 or 6


10 AM-at least 1 PM:

No Tax Law

Conference about incorporating public interest work into your for-profit private practice.  This is in lieu of Tax Law class.  May stay later for make up time for missed class.

NOON:  Conflict KJEANRL meeting.  (Have already sent email trying to resolve conflict.)


Read for Tax Law or other classes so that I will have the Tax reading done by Friday.

6:30 PM (I think):

Fayette County Young Democrats Trivia.  (Need to put together team with Laken.)

9 PM:

Student Sustainability Council meeting.


10 AM (I think):

Meet with Professor Graham and law school colleagues about Family Law group writing project.


Do reading that hasn't been done yet for the day.


Same as morning.

1-1:50 PM:

Business Associations

3-4:20 PM:

Family Law

5:30-6:40 PM:

Labor Law


Visit Willie and Bethany in Frankfort



Read for Business Associations and Tax Law as necessary

1-1:50 PM:

Business Associations

2-3:20 PM:

Make up Tax Law class


Whitesburg maybe?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

to write list

+tumblr post called "my cultural needs" (may spin out into column)
+travelogue of trip to DC